Story Summit 2017

The Intersection of Story, Technology & Sustainability

February 23 -25, 2017 Banff, Canada – The Banff Centre

2016 Story Summit

The Intersection of Story, Technology & Sustainability

Gathering of North American Media, Entertainment and Content Creators

Industry professionals share their experiences and ideas.


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Story Summit, presented by AMPIA and The Banff Centre, in partnership with
On Screen Manitoba and Western Economic Diversification Canada,
addresses story, technology, and the sustainability of media content.

Story Summit 2016, presented by AMPIA and The Banff Centre, addresses new approaches to story-telling, innovating with technology and creating sustainable and innovative production and business models of media content. This gathering of North American media, entertainment and content creators brings together the most forward thinking and knowledgeable industry professionals to share their experiences and ideas. Participants will gain the knowledge and understanding to enhance their creativity, transform their businesses, and engage technology to expand and share content on new digital interactive multi-platforms. Story Summit 2016 is a must attend event designed for content creators, filmmakers, content owners, producers, directors, writers, gamers, visual effects artists, distributors, educators and students.  This gathering will encompass keynote speakers, panels, case studies, interactive workshops along with ample time to network and meet current and future colleagues and partners.

Story Summit brings together creators and technology to further creativity, careers and the future of digital media. This unique day and a half gathering allows participants a place to connect with  international experts on the cutting edge of digital media, to connect with their peers and further connections, the tools and knowledge to move careers forward – all in the beautiful setting of The Banff Centre, which naturally opens up creativity. Immerse yourself in the learning, knowledge and creative inspiration of Story Summit.

“Thank you for including me in this years event. Now, to work hard for another year…maybe I can have 1 Billion views by next year ;)” –Aaron Bidochka

“Thank you for having me! I had a blast!” -Celine Tricart

“I had a great time, it went by so fast but really enjoyed it.” -Dylan Pearce

“This was a BRILLIANT event! For a small, remote place and first time Summit it packed a hell of a punch.” -Denise Quesenal

Watch, listen and learn about the Story Summit 2016 presentations, panels, and discussions:

Conversation with Mitch Dubin, SOC, Dave Thompson, SOC, and Steve Fracol, SOC, presenters from Storytelling Through the Lens discuss what is the job of the Camera Operator.