The Future in Hand – Entertainment Technology Workshop

This workshop will address the current and future media technologies in storytelling through immersive formats such VR, 360, MR and large screen technology. You will gain the knowledge of to how to creatively use immersive technology and more importantly, why to use it. We will also address the rising trends, anticipated uses, giving you the ability to apply them to your upcoming projects and find new funding opportunities.
Presenter: Stefan Grambart, Interactive Writer/Director


Starting At The End – A VFX Workshop

This workshop will cover the ins and outs of visual effects and what a content creator/ producer needs to know for VFX options,  budgeting, timing, and production planning.   Clips will be viewed and discussed, demonstrating the story telling power of VFX in addition to walking through budgeting and time tables.  Attendee will walk away with the skills to  incorporate VFX,  understanding of cost and budgeting  and when and when not VFX for storytelling.
Presenters: Chris MacLean and Trey Harrell

Getting The Agent and Getting The Deal

How does a producer find and retain an agent?  What does the agent bring and how are deals structured?  What are the benefits of a good agent?  Who can they get my projects in front of? This workshop will discuss the critically important choice of find the right agent for you and your projects.  Attendees will learn the benefits, choices and basics to start the search for an agent that will benefit their career and projects.


Funding in Alberta Roundtable
What are the latest updates on the funding available to assist you to produce your project(s) in Alberta? Do you have questions about the new Screen-Based Production Grant from the Alberta Media Fund? What is the new Film Financing Program available through the new Branch for Arts and Culture at ATB Financial? What kinds of supports are available for content creators through Telus Storyhive? Join us for a lively roundtable discussion with the people with all the answers!
Presenters: Jeslene Quinn, Program Manager, Alberta Media Fund; Ben Spencer, Director, Branch for Arts and Culture, ATB Financial; Smita Acharyya, Project Manager, and Megan Lau, Manager, Communications, Engagement & Equity, Telus Storyhive

Camera, Lens and Lighting  – Creating That Look
This production workshop will present the tools in getting that specific look with cameras, lens and lighting.  Learn how to work with your director of photography and operator to get the style and feel of your next projects.  What tools are available, how to properly budget with the new tools avaiable and reviewing those epic looks, will all be presented.
Presenters: Stephen Campanelli, SOC and Gilles Corbeil, SOC
Moderator: Stosh Durbacz

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