Day 1 – Thursday, 23 February

8:30am – 10am (Husky Energy Foyer, Max Bell Building)
Workshop Registration Opens

10 am – 1 pm (Max Bell Room 251, Max Bell Building)
Workshop (add-ons for participants)

10am – 1pm (Max Bell Room 251)
Workshop (add-ons for participants)

What Good is Your Content if You Can’t Get it Made?
The top ten, in the trenches, lessons on funding and selling new media content in Hollywood. This half day workshop is designed to breakdown all the misconceptions, understand the current reality of traditional network and studios funding, and what content is desirable and why.  Learn how new media funding and purchasing is done, content valuation and what an intellectual property owner needs to know to close the deal.

Presenter: Evette VargasWriter and Producer

10am – 5:30pm (Rice Studio, Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Building)
Workshop (add-ons for participants)

VR, AR & 360 – Dispelling the Mysteries and Putting Your Skills into Action
Films, Games, Docs and Apps – You can’t go anywhere without hearing the word VR.  What is the true virtual reality landscape for the content creators? How does one tell a story and why should I be paying attention to this new storytelling medium?

Presenters: Dylan Pearce, Director, Evette Vargas, Writer and Producer, John D. CanningVP New Media, Producers Guild of America

2pm – 5:30pm (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)
Workshop (add-ons for participants)

Content Discoverability and Distribution in the Age of Abundance
The old saying “when a tree falls in a forest…” The same can be true about your content.  You got it made, and now what?  In this modern age of content abundance and of multiple distribution choices, this half day workshop will outline the ways to increase your content’s discoverability, identify new distribution options. Understand your key audience and the many technological choices content creators have in their toolbox.

Elizabeth Karr, Producer, Discovery Productions, John Alan Simon, Screen Writer / Director / Producer, Discovery Productions

2pm – 5:30pm (Telus Studio, Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Building – JPL)
Workshop (add-ons for participants)

From Script to Set
How does a written story come to life on set?  What are the skills needed to capture the written essence visually, through directing, cinematography, and camera operating?   How do you build your production team and crew to fulfill your vision and bring your story to life?  Learn from these experts who have all worked on block buster productions in this engaging half day workshop.

Presenters: Stephen Campanelli, SOC, Camera Operator and Sean Savage, Assoc BSC, ACO, SOC, Camera Operator

5:30pm – 7pm (Bentley Chamber Music Studio, Music & Sound Building)
Welcome Reception

Day 2 – Friday, 24 February

9am – 10am (Husky Energy Foyer, Max Bell Building)
Registration, coffee with fellow participants

10am – 11am  (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)
Opening Keynote

How to Stop Time: Design Principles for Immersive Storytelling

Overwhelmed by endless streams of passive content, sophisticated audiences are demanding deeper, more powerful experiences. Innovative technologies enable and inspire new forms of stories, but immersion is not a property of technology, it is a product of a great experience. Mike Monello, one of the original creators of The Blair Witch Project and CCO of Campfire at SapientRazorfish shares secrets from over 15 years on the frontline of emerging technology and storytelling.

Mike Monello, Vice President, Creative, CCO, Campfire at SapientRazorfish

11am – 11:30am (Husky Energy Foyer, Max Bell Building)
Coffee Break

11:30am – 12:15pm  (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)

Who’s Content is it Anyways?  The New Rules and Deals of IP
This panel of content owners and deal makers will present the new rules, regulations and deals being made by networks and production companies for scripted, non-scripted and multiplatform distributed content.  Learn how to craft the best deal, protect your concept and IP, and what the networks and productions companies expect.

Presenters: Matt Gould, Executive Vice President, PactUS, Reena LieblingVP, Partner StrategyKin Community

Moderated by Kate McCallumProducer, Writer, Transmedia Consultant

12:30pm – 2:00pm (Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Building)
Lunch & Table Tops Discussions with Speakers and Experts
(sign up at registration)

2:15pm – 3:30pm  (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)

I Hear Ya! – Storytelling Through the Audio Experience
What makes that memorable storyline or scene stick in our minds –  the audio and the music scoring.  How do storytellers capture this elusive sense to heighten the audience’s story engagement and entertainment experience?  Hear from audio expert, Orest Sushko, as he describes the sound design, music scoring and mixing choices that are made every day to insure that the story is told with all of our senses. Projects will be screened demonstrating audio choices and designs used to guide the experience of storytelling.

2:15pm – 3:30pm (Max Bell Room 251, Max Bell Building)

Invisible World Extended Global Experience
Pushing the boundaries of traditional cinema, Invisible World is an interactive project available on the web, as an app, and as a live VR experience (the latter in co-production with the Canadian Film Centre). Based on actual events but re-imagined for the screen, this 22-minute interactive film follows the story of three strangers whose lives intersect when they all share a traumatic experience in post-civil war Cambodia. Invisible World uses an innovative split-screen technology that allows the viewer to physically manipulate three separate panels on screen or in a VR environment, each of which shows a different perspective on the story being told. By expanding, contracting, hiding, or revealing these panels, the viewer adds depth and detail to the story, questioning the idea of perspective and what we choose to see—or choose to hide. During this case study, NFB Producer Bonnie Thompson and co-creator Galen Scorer will discuss the development and production of this story and talk about creating work for both the desktop and VR worlds. Invisible World is created by Tyler Enfield (writer, cinematographer and director), Galen Scorer (interactive creator, co-director, cinematographer and editor), and producer Bonnie Thompson. It is produced by the National Film Board’s North West Centre. David Christensen is Executive Producer. Ana Serano from the Canadian Film Centre, is Co-Producer and Co-Executive Producer on the Invisible World VR Project.

3:30pm – 4pm (Husky Energy Foyer, Max Bell Building)
Coffee Break

4pm – 5:30pm (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)
Closing Keynote Panel

Game of Thrones – The Creative Collaboration
Audience engagement through cinematic storytelling, multiple stories lines, and complex characters are all part of the Game of Thrones experience, which has changed the landscape of television and has gained an international cult following.  Director of Photography, Fabian Wagner, BSC and A Camera Operator, Sean Savage, Associate BSC, ACO, SOC discuss their creative process in shooting Game of Thrones.  Learn how they approach each scene, a specific shot and how they capture the best performances, while pushing production boundaries. Watch selected clips and hear the inside stories and on set problem solving of shooting this epic production.

Presenters: Fabian Wagner, BSC, Cinematographer, Sean Savage, Assoc BSC, ACO, SOC, Camera Operator

Moderated by: Michael Jorgensen, Filmmaker, Myth Merchant Films

6pm  – 8pm (Kinnear Centre, KCC 303)
Summit Reception

Day 3 – Saturday, 25 February

8:30am – 9:30am (Husky Energy Foyer, Max Bell Building)
Registration, coffee with fellow participants

9:30am  – 10:30am (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)
Welcome, Day 2 Review & Opening Keynote Conversation

The Business of Storytelling
A keynote discussion with John Alan Simon
Story is core to every entertainment property, regardless of platform. But writers sometimes have trouble getting their stories told due to elusive business issues. How do writers turn themselves into smart business people? How do they get projects financed? When should a writer put on a director’s hat, or a show runner’s hat to guide a project from script to screen?

John Alan Simon, screenwriter/director/producer of the successful indie sci-fi feature Radio Free Albemuth, adapted from Philip K. Dick’s acclaimed novel, shares insights from his experience writing and producing at both indie and studio level, as well as his expertise as a producer’s rep and in distribution.   He describes the development of business and professional skills, content creators need to capitalize on emerging funding and production/distribution opportunities.

10:30am – 11am (Husky Energy Foyer, Max Bell Building)
Coffee Break

11:00am – 12:00pm (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)

My Career Path to the Hollywood Set
Hear from Stephen Campanelli, SOC, whose own story could be told in a Hollywood Cinderella story.  Growing up in Montreal he had a dream of working with Clint Eastwood since early childhood (even naming his childhood dog, Clint).  He is now a working Director and Camera Operator, having worked on over twenty-two of Clint Eastwood movies including Sully, American Sniper, Jersey Boys, J. Edgar, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River… in addition to many other non-Clint Eastwood productions.  Stephen graduated from the “University of Clint Eastwood” where he learned the master’s secrets.  Learn and hear from Stephen’s experience and lessons to chart your own career path.

Moderator: Michael Jorgensen, Filmmaker, Myth Merchant Films

12:15pm – 12:45pm (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)

Alternative Content Distribution and Business Opportunities
Content of all types is being consumed and distributed at an ever increasing pace, across all types of platforms and experiences.  Audiences want more and this opens up new opportunities for content creators and levels the playing field for monetization.  Learn where the opportunities are and how to capitalize on them.  As well as where there are potential risks and who are the leaders in these new areas of consumption.

Elizabeth Karr, Producer, Discovery Productions, Mark Lehman, VP Business Development, Worldplay Networks, Alan Cannistraro, Founder and CEO, Rheo TV

Moderated by Alex GaultSoftware and Media Entrepreneur

12:15pm – 12:45pm (Max Bell Room 251, Max Bell Building)

How to Monetize the Fastest-Growing Entertainment Market in the World: China
China is hungry for all forms of entertainment, and growth in the Chinese domestic market for entertainment is still accelerating. In this session we will discuss the dos and don’ts of entering the china market.

We will cover:

  • How to ensure IP protection in China in the multimedia and entertainment industry
  • The different forms of partnerships and corporate structures used when doing business in China
  • Managing business partnerships in China

We will discuss a few success stories and examples of common mistakes to avoid when entering the Chinese market.

Presenter: Carl Breau, General Manager, Saimen

1pm – 2:15pm (Vistas Dining Room, Sally Borden Building)
Lunch & Table Tops Discussions with Speakers and Experts
(sign up at registration)

2:30pm – 3:45pm (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)

What’s Next in VR and Audience Experience?
Join this group of thought leaders discussing the most innovative ways that VR is being used in storytelling and entertainment.  What works in the business of VR and where are the opportunities? What are the responsibilities of content creators to engage their audience and create new and unique experiences? What is the consumption path for VR, AR and 360 content? These topics and more will be discussed. The Future is now…

Presenters: Kim Hsu Guise, Director, Local Content & Original Programming, TELUS, Ed Lantz, Vortex Immersion Media, Patrick McGuire, Head of Content, VICE Canada, Nina Sudra, General Manager, VICE Canada, John D. CanningVP New Media, Producers Guild of America, Dylan Pearce, Director

Moderated by Kate McCallum, Producer, Writer, Transmedia Consultant

3:45pm – 4:15pm (Max Bell Auditorium, Max Bell Building)

Closing Remarks & Story Summit Recap

Closing Remarks and Recap from the Summits Speakers and Presenters

4:15pm  – 5pm (Elder Tom Bear Crane Room, Max Bell Building)
Closing Summit Reception