Alan Cannistraro, Founder and CEO, Rheo TV

Alan Cannistraro is the founder and CEO of a new kind of entertainment destination called Rheo. Cannistraro has spent his career as a creative and innovative product engineer and designer focused on consuming and controlling media. He founded Rheo as a future-looking viewing experience for the swipe generation to easily find, watch and share the best videos on the web using ambient technology that embodies the future of TV.

After more than a decade at Apple creating many of the company’s first iOS media apps, including architecting and engineering iBooks and iTunes U, Cannistraro went on to start and lead Facebook’s Creative Labs app team, where he built the widely lauded AutoPlay Video and developed News Feed features, including the “Year in Review”.

Cannistraro is a computer engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo. He taught the world how to create iOS apps through a class he developed for Stanford, which generated 15M views online. Cannistraro is passionate about video and is obsessed with new ways to interact with media and technology in a meaningful way.

A lifelong tinkerer and inventor, Cannistraro designed a glove to make the DJ’ing experience easier and created a number of interactive experiences using physical movement to control music, video and lighting. He is also a lover of pugs and everything related to interactive art.