Dave Chan, Audio Director

Dave Chan has always had an interest in computers and audio. One of the first major purchases he made as a teenager was a Roland synthesizer so that he could experiment with sound and music. After high school and some university he decided to take an audio production course to further my interests. Using that knowledge he created a job at a local computer store by convincing the store owner to partner with a local music shop. After many years working and finally managing that computer store he decided to expand his horizons and obtain a Microsoft certification. At the same time he was taking his certification he helped start a LAN event known as Fragapalooza. He invited the owners of BioWare (then a relative unknown) to demonstrate Baldur’s Gate at the event. Ray Muzyka was impressed with the job he had done for Fragapalooza, so when he finally got his Microsoft certification he ended up working at BioWare in the IT department. The owners were aware of his audio background and offered him a chance to make placeholder sounds for MDK2. They liked the sounds so much they wanted him to do the whole game. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then he has been an active member in the Game Audio Network Guild since its launch in 2002 and is a co-chair of the Voice Actor Coalition sub-committee of GANG, a group that was organized to help the industry deal with issues involved with creating voice over for games. He has spoken at the Game Developers Conference as the lead speaker of a panel on Audio Asset Management for Large Projects, the Toronto Audio Engineering Society’s Symposium on Surround Sound and been a Voice Over Demo Derby judge at PAX 2013. In 2004 he struck out on his own to form Giant Sandbox. Since then he’s been doing independent audio contracting. He’s been fortunate enough to work on AAA titles like Prey, Splinter Cell and Mass Effect as well as smaller indie projects and casual games like Sally’s Spa, Clue and the Office Jerk games. He’s also had the opportunity to work with fantastic voice actors on projects such as Neverwinter Nights and its expansion packs and the Neverwinter Nights 2 project Mysteries of Westgate. He was asked by Aaron Marks to contribute to the second edition of The Complete Guide to Game Audio and contributed a section describing his experiences and process. Sound design, voice acting, audio in games in general are a passion of his and that’s why he’s involved with organizations like GANG, the AIAS and the IGDA so that he can pass on his knowledge and experience to others in the industry. David has also worked an associate producer and audio lead at Fluik Entertainment, the creators of the mobile hit Office Jerk with over 20 million downloads and as the Audio Director of Hinterland Games working on their first title “The Long Dark”. Currently he is working on various indie game and film projects.