Don Paré, Chairman, RvCapital

Mr. Paré’s passion is to mentor entrepreneurs towards success. He has a consistent track record that both investors and entrepreneurs have come to rely upon. He has hit multiple home runs with exits between 700-1700 ROI for the early investors. Mr. Pare is a Keynote Speaker on strategic planning and evolving funding modalities. He speaks from experience not from an academic perspective and is often called to turn companies around or assess them using his proven innovative report card model.

Mr. Paré has over 40 years of experience with high technology companies and end-user departments, holding various executive roles including Chairman, CEO, President, V.P. Operations, V.P. Sales and Marketing, General Manager, VP partners and channels, Development and Marketing Manager, Minority Shareholder and Active Director.

Mr. Paré ‘s working experience spanned systems integration with Systemhouse, communications with BNR, software with MessagingDirect, Shana, Watchfire, WiseNav, Cognos, Fulcrum, online social media with well and Wise Online, Engineering with Arrow and Absolute combustion International, as well as government (Canadian Federal).

Mr. Paré has participated as co-chairman of the Data Processing Management Association Conference in Ottawa and co-founder of the Banff Venture Conference.

From 1998 to 2001, Mr. Paré was President and CEO at MessagingDirect, where he raised over 18 million dollars in start-up funding and boosted the company to #1 growth firm in Edmonton’s high technology sector. Although the company was 800,000 in the red when Mr. Paré joined, he later merged it with a very large US Banking Firm for over 75 million CDN. Shareholders saw their investments grow by manifold during a time where the market was depressed.

From 1994-1998, Mr. Paré mentored and served as Chairman or CEO of many companies including start-ups and established firms. Examples include Webplan, Objectworld, Watchfire, Infracycle, Caravelle.

Specialties:He founded and is the Chairman of Real Value Capital, and in that capacity mentored and found investment for many Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, BC and California high Tech start-ups. RvC Inc has helped such companies as MessagingDirect, CleanKeys, Well and Wise Online, ACI, Arrow Engineering, WiseNav, WebPlan, Contol F1, Shana, and many other technology enterprises.