Frédéric Guarino, VR Strategist

Frédéric Guarino has spent more than 18 years at the intersection of media and technology, in business development, product management, and strategy roles.

He is the founder of Montréal’s VR Valley network, an inter-industry professional group whose mission is to develop business opportunities between large corporations and startups in the VR space, and the co-organizer with MUTEK of the VR Salon. Frédéric is also a VR strategist for brands and large corporations and a startup advisor.
Frédéric was most recently Mediabiz in 2010, an integrated boutique production and finance company whose productions for film and television have won many nominations and awards, he was associate producer on 2 large feature films. His work grew to encompass mobile and social media marketing, applications and strategic development for companies in New York, Paris and Zurich.

He is also an amateur historian of the cultural economy, in particular the positive friction between technical advances and the impact on new visual scripts, including Virtual Reality. A graduate of the Paris Political Sciences Institute, he was raised in France, the US and Japan and began his career at the Bill Gates-owned Corbis Sygma in New York.