Gilles Corbeil, SOC

Camera Operator on The Shape of Water

Gilles first camera assignment was in third grade covering a school trip. His natural affinity for moving the camera grew from there.

He attended Ryerson Film School in Toronto, and shot documentary’s in Europe during his summer breaks. He was DP on several low budget features including The Brain. In 1992 Gilles purchased his first steadicam and moved his full focus to operating.

His major influences include Guillermo del Toro , Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, and John Frankenheimer. Credits include Dawn of The Dead, John Rambo, The Corruptor, 16 Blocks, The Recruit, The In Laws, Hot Tub Time Machine, Spotlight, 11.22.63 , Umbrella Academy ,and for Guillermo del Toro , Mimic, Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak, The Strain, and The Shape Of Water for which Gilles was nominated for Camera Operator of the Year by the Society of Camera Operators.

Gilles has created several rigs for moving the camera in tight spaces and holds a U.S. Patent No. US5389987 A Titled , which is motion translation device for positioning cameras and other aimed instruments.

Gilles grew up in North Bay Ontario and has lived in Toronto for the past 40 years where he and his wife have raised their 3 children.